24 3 / 2014


The making of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

wonderful film not to be missed :D

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28 2 / 2014

It feels so surreal that I am back in Glasgow after four months in Versailles.

I still remember vividly the street that I walked back and forth everyday between school and home.

I still be able to recall those RER train rides to Paris, it was long and dull but fun if with great company. And of course, Paris is an awesome city to visit.

I still remember the boulangerie shop that sells the best baguette that I ever had in my life. There isn’t any comparison of boulangeries in the city of Paris, this is the best!

I hope I will have another opportunity to visit these places with great memories in near future.


After one month in Glasgow, my diet is slowly changing to suit the food portion in the UK. My appetite is so small nowadays that half a meal from a restaurant in Glasgow is enough for me. Small meals but more frequent is probably the healthier way.

Thesis is haunting me every seconds; the workload floods in without any break after the exchange. Time is tough but at least I am enjoying what I am doing.

Good luck!

12 1 / 2014


Magical Miniature Worlds By Matthew Albanese

Matthew Albanese creates small-scale meticulously detailed models of outdoor scenes and landscapes using everyday, simple, mundane materials and transform them into an image through the lens of his camera making them look hyper-realistic.

stunning! slower version of photoshop rendering :P

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31 12 / 2013

One fine day in #Glasgow (at Glasgow School of Art)

One fine day in #Glasgow (at Glasgow School of Art)

25 12 / 2013

First of all,

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel!

I am back in Glasgow during this festive season, along with strong wind that blows everything away. It is not end of the year yet, but it is an excellent moment to recap bitter-sweet moments in Versailles and Paris.

1. The first impression was bad. I was living in Paris’ most dangerous district, the 11th arrondissement while looking for room to rent in Versailles. I almost got my laptop stolen, I was sleeping in crappy hostel trying to save money, gun shooting happened outside my hostel, bed bugs and etc… it wasn’t pleasant until I found my current room, an amazing attic room with huge floor area and stunning views. As what they said; good thing comes only at last.

2. There is an stereotype about French and their incapability in english. It isn’t true. Most of the people I met (approximately my age) can speak good english, or at least it is sufficient for normal conversation. Some of them are probably afraid of speaking in english due to lack of confidence or misleading concept about unrefined french accent in english.

3. I am not sure if it happens to other Erasmus students or french universities, but Erasmus students in my french schools are not very welcomed by the french students. It was really great to have a student initiated association to help the Erasmus students for all inquiries, but they are JUST helpers but not our friends. They won’t ask you to go out for a drink, or to join a party, in french students’ perspective, Erasmus students are almost non-existent. Therefore my friend told me to be pro-active and approach the french people as they are very shy (?).

4. Spanish people are probably the most friendly people in the world. Approach them and they will welcome you with warm hugs and kisses (only applicable if a girl approach a Spanish guy).

5. Paris is the most amazing city in the world. It is complicated with own characteristics and genius loci in each arrodissements. Never feel tired walking and exploring this romantic city, it is even more exciting if you get lost and found something authentic. The roads might be busy with cars, the streets might be filled with tourists, but there are always intimate corners for romantic moments.

I guess that’s all at the moment. There are more to share but these points are simply entertaining. Cheers! A bientôt!

22 12 / 2013

[20131222] Sometimes the mold for concrete casting is far more interesting than the final form of the concrete itself.

[20131222] Sometimes the mold for concrete casting is far more interesting than the final form of the concrete itself.

10 12 / 2013

Soirée gastronomique / international food feast (at K’Fet ENSAV)

Soirée gastronomique / international food feast (at K’Fet ENSAV)

22 10 / 2013

September 10 marked the beginning of the next chapter in my life. After one year (with the summer) in the wonderful Glasgow, I departed to Netherlands, Belgium, and last but not least, France for my short Erasmus study in Versailles. Instead of flying straight to Versailles/Paris, I decided to go for a solo road trip across various major cities.


The first night in this famous tourist city wasn’t that pleasant; it was pouring down heavily from the moment I arrived at the airport. Five seconds of rain is sufficient to get me all wet. Arrived at the Amsterdam Centraal in late evening, I quickly rushed to my hostel for a comfy shower. Unfortunately, the hostel is probably the worst after the one that I had in Paris (which will be mentioned below). Huge long room with eighteen beds, and I almost got my cash stolen due to my careless action. I did enjoyed the architecture and streets in Amsterdam other than the rain that stopped me from travelling far. Red light district was fascinating, with the huge windows and large rooms for sex trade. Anne Frank house touched me with its catastrophic house and story about WWII. I didn’t give a try for drugs and weed because I was alone, to reserve for the next time hopefully.

Den Haag

An administrative city with central business district covered with skyscrapers, Den Haag is rather comfortable with less tourists around. In this coastal city I found M.C. Escher, one of the most prominent and creative artists in Netherlands. His artworks are amazing, creating  illusions with lines and continuous graphics. In front of the exhibition museum, a flea market was set up underneath rows of green trees selling books and antiques.


I made a right choice for hostel this time. Strowis Hostel is a warm and cosy hostel that filled with fun people. The main reason I visited this town is Rietveld Schröder House which is designed with De Stijl style architecture. I got no question with the aesthetic, it’s a personal taste, but I am impressed when the walls started to move in front of us. An enclosed space turned into a spacious one with great amount of sunlight penetrates into the room, it was like a magic show in architecture terms. Other than that, the town is lovely with only local tourists. Canals flow around the old town, allowing people to kayak and enjoy the city from lower perspective.


A rather modern city with sudden boom in architecture, Rotterdam reminds me greatly of Singapore. The in-house architects, MVRDV and Rem Koolhas are making the city more vibrant with iconic architecture. Not forgetting the most famous housing experiment — Cube House that designed in 1970s, the weird form and spatial experience are exciting yet controversial to me.


A day trip from Rotterdam, Kinderdijk is a peaceful outskirt with nineteen windmills standing high under the sun. The scenery was stunning with water, nature and man-made structure, and that’s all you get!


Despite its close geographically location, Brussels became an ‘unofficial’ introduction for my french journey. People around me started to speak french instead of Dutch (which sounds quite different), and the friendliness in Brussel dropped dramatically. Graffiti are everywhere on the wall of buildings, train stations, tunnels and even toilets. I visited the Atomium which located far north of Brussels city, and It was quite impressive as a sculpture (not architecture). It plays similar role with Eiffel Tower in Paris — it was built for Expo 58. Other than museums visit, I also tried the sweetest most waffle ever in Brussels! One bite of the nutella waffle, and I still managed to taste the ‘sugar balls’ inside the waffle! I guess it didn’t melt properly, and it gave me a terrible overly-sweet waffle I ever had.


It is one of the most romantic/enchanted/vibrant/fashion city, and I am totally in love with this city. There might be issues of crime, pickpocket and cleanliness in this city, but the people and vibrancy in every corner in the city make you forget all but to enjoy most. It is a place of hate-or-love, especially the chaotic side. I will be spending more time to explore this city, because each arrodissements are with own characteristics!

More updates soon =)

09 10 / 2013

Photography on Instagram became a norm to share my experience in various European countries. I might not speak well with words, but my pictures do.

If one would analyse my photos (there are 209 of them), I have my own perception of beauty in a square picture (all Instagram photos are square). The composition of a photo is constant despite the object or view taken. One could catch the intangible axis that pulls the viewers into the photo, spans from foreground to background.

Besides, colour coordination in my photo series tend to be in greater contrast. Bright colours stand out immediately among dark backgrounds, to catch the attention of viewers.


17 9 / 2013